Travelling Video
surveillance System

Discover CurveTrack®
Discover CurveTrack®
  • 100% coverage
  • Full HD quality
  • Discretion assured
  • Modularity
  • Efficiency
  • Complementary product range

Thanks to its travelling speed and its ability to make turns from 45° to 180°, the CurveTrack® removes blindspots and offers you 100% coverage.
CurveTrack® enables you to follow a person in a shop or an object in your factory or warehouse. Instead of switching cameras and screens, you just need to flick the joystick ! Only one carriage needed to cover multiple aisles.

With its Full HD sensor, the camera equiped on the CurveTrack® offers a x20 optical zoom enabling you to see every details and making identifications easier.
CurveTrack® uses IP Technology for images transmissions and carriage control. The IP technology means less cable for installation and easier integration.

A continuous roll of mirrored film is clipped to the enclosure and allows to obscure the location of the camera while allowing in sufficient light for optimal camera perfomance.

CurveTrack® adapts to all sizes of sites and to the evolution of its users' needs. In case of expansion or modification of the layout, no need to provide for a new installation, you just need to add more rail to the existing one.

Reducing theft and shrinkage, protecting your customers and employees, preventing degradations, monitoring your production lines... All of those needs will be answered by the CurveTrack®.
CurveTrack® easily adapts to any site configuration : supermarket, warehouse, airport, underground parking garage and more.

In addition to the CurveTrack®, SENTRYWAY® is able to offer you different products to complete your installation such as cameras, domes, varifocal, bullet cameras, fixed mini domes and more...
For more information regarding those products, do not hesitate to contact your sales interlocutors !

Our Market
Our Market

Your manufacturer and distributor for
Travelling Video Surveillance Systems
for Europe, Middle East & Asia.

Who we are
Who we are

SENTRYWAY is part of the ANAVEO Group.

French leader on the video surveillance’s market, ANAVEO develops and installs smart video surveillance devices based on IP technology.

Located in Champagne au Mont d’Or in France, SENTRYWAY® learned from ANAVEO extensive experience in the video security industry.

Targeting European (including European countries' overseas territories), Middle-East & Asian markets, SENTRYWAY® is dedicated to support distributors, dealers and installers in those parts of the world.

Our commitments

- An innovative range of product.
- A high level of technology for all our products.
- A strong will to deliver great customer experiences.

Our services

- A real client care with a dedicated team.
- A special commercial service to answer your questions.
- A high level consulting thanks to our extensive experience.

Our goal

To provide you with a competitive and distinctive offer.

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